aesthetic adj. Can be used in noun form as well. to describe a look or appearance that is often cultivated and carefully managed to display a person’s individuality, taste and beliefs

eg. “That wall has aesthetic” could be used to describe an artfully decorated wall in a cafe or “her aesthetic is to die for” describes a fashionista’s flawless persona no matter what she does.

Aesthetic in short is the way one finds a way to truly express oneself, albeit in the most planned and non-organic form. It demands endless hours of figuring out the palette that speaks about you on your Insta feed. It means you ONLY post stuff that reveals the part of you associated with that aesthetic or in the shade of yellow that is the true you. It requires you to have airtight self awareness that has no place for doubt. Aesthetic, then, is what allows your brand to be successful, your product to be appreciated and your voice to be heard on social media.

And teens have a hyper elevated sense of aesthetic and what’s good and bad aesthetic. But they also know that not having any is the biggest crime of all! So they will flock to and hype (see my post on this) something that feels like it has character and studiously ignore stuff that doesn’t have a voice. And poof! just like that in 3 days you’re history, with no likes, no new follows, and worse still pity likes from your other non-public Insta account! Absolute death knell for a social media platform dependent on teens… aka Klapklap! You might as well archive all posts, wrap up your account and bow out. Cos you’re dead!

So my key takeaways for Klapklap:

  1. Define our aesthetic. Decide who we are. Young, hip, gender neutral, bright vs neutral, excited, pastel vs neon (we needn’t choose even), contests or content. The end doesn’t really matter. It’s how you paint the path that counts. So in the interests of finding my audience, Klapklap will engage with the people that count and have them paint a path for us. That’s teen artists, illustrators, musicians, coders, bakers…all of them in this great big heaving universe of talent. And paint a path that has an aesthetic testifying to the core of Klapklap.
  2. Stick with the aesthetic. Nothing gets more respect than perceived authenticity. You may be disagreed with but you won’t be ignored. Marketing goldstrike! So that means, Klapklap keeps putting out stuff and cultivating an image that its users value no matter what. So if LinkedIn doesn’t like it or it can’t be used on a pitch deck that’s fine. Cos our users do. And that’s all that counts.
  3. Work at developing the aesthetic and nurturing it. Paths are easily tangled and messages lost. That clean Instagram feed look, your video posts and the voice you project needs to keep in mind your message every single time. So every single thing we choose to do needs to keep in mind what we want our users to feel and perceive is our aesthetic and get them to resonate with it.

It’s how you find a tribe. It’s how you belong.


Words and sentences give thoughts some permanence...

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