Social and fun, Klapklap’s path to learning

Education in middle and high school through the early years of college is a muddling, bewildering path for most kids. It’s a time of great self-discovery, while also being squeezed into a set path dictated by exams, career considerations, parental and peer pressure. This is also when they are at their creative best, where fearlessness and curiosity blend with the ability to create with quality only rarely seen in earlier formative years. Add to this, the fundamental belief that best learning practices are those that enable community learning and you start to get at Klapklap’s underlying philosophy.

1) We wanted teens 13-18 years old to learn and explore and share in a space that was unique to them. What we did not expect was that 18-20 year olds feel the need for something like this as well! It was revelatory and exciting as we expanded our target demographic to include older teens as well as they finish their educational journey through college.

2) We wanted Klapklap to be truly social and peer-driven and mimic both the best of classroom practices as well as the universe of social media they are comfortable in. This also included democratizing and making niche skills available to whoever wanted to learn.

3) We wanted Klapklap to be as positive an experience as possible to enable learning without fear and exploration without hesitation. For example, if that meant leaving out direct messaging/comments on our platform then that was something we were willing to do.

4) We wanted to reinforce the idea of excellence in creation and skill as something to aim for. Most social media end up as dumps of mediocre to bad content. Talent has a hard time bubbling up, with already famous people slicing off more than their share of the pie. For teens who are just starting on their path of discovery this is severely discouraging and hampers all but the most persistent. Our contests showcase approach seeks to level this playing field. Focusing on showcasing the best, in over 20 interest categories, with frequent contests, judges to ferret out good talent and virality through social sharing, we believe this is a great way for teens beginning their journey to get their voices heard!

5) Come to showcase, stay to learn. We’ve always kept in mind that true value for those coming to Klapklap is in finding content that helps them get better. From workshop videos to tutorials to content shared by others, there’s always something that caters to your needs.

If you’re as excited as I am about bringing extra curricular learning into a space that’s social, peer-led and exciting, let’s talk at Klapklap! We’ll keep sharing workshops, tutorials and niche contests that we launch, including our most recent one, Voice X, as we hunt for the best talent around! Do leave us ideas and suggestions of what you’d like to see and what we should try doing! I’ll share more thoughts on our journey as well as funny snippets of what we learn about our tribe as we grow. If you’re interested in joining us as an influencer, teacher, or are just passionate about changing the way we learn, reach out to us at

Until then, compete, create, collaborate right here at Klapklap!

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